Where high speed transfer rates are not suitable, or unnecessary, Banlaw's Standard couplings are the best solution.

A unique coupling is provided for each oil, grease or coolant type, eliminating the possibility of errors during fluid hangouts.

Technical Information

Improved Safety

  • All fittings incorporate Dry-Break Technology to eliminate spillage
  • Higher safe working pressure
  • Each set is unique and cannot be accidentally connected. Ensures “right fluid into right reservoir”
  • All fittings incorporate Banlaw’s trademark ball lock latching system achieving a reliable higher strength connection between nozzle & receiver

Environmental Performance

  • No spillage means Environment Protection
  • Authority compliance
  • The efficient evacuation systems allows for complete used oil/coolant recovery for total recycling of waste
  • Complete recovery means more accurate waste records

Ordering Information

The Banlaw Classic range includes the following:

  • Crankcase: commonly used to fill and evacuate crankcase oil
  • Transmission: commonly used to fill and evacuate transmission oils
  • Hydraulic: commonly used to fill and evacuate hydraulic oils
  • Coolant: commonly used to fill and evacuate coolant
  • Push to Connect: commonly used to fill and evacuate oils
  • Alternative: alternative higher flow fittings used to fill and evacuate oils
  • Grease: designed for the bulk transfer of grease
  • One Way Valve: commonly used on fuel return line from diesel fuel injector pump
  • Oil Sample Valve: commonly installed into oil fill and evacuation line