Farmlands Fuel required a fuel facility for a large mining customer.

We were awarded the contract to design, supply, fit out and commission this facility, which comprised of two 68,000 litre LogiTanks and Banlaw high flow nozzles and receivers.

Our electrical team were called in to design, supply and install a system that can run off mains power or an invertor. An  interactive inverter was selected to monitor the incoming power and instantaneously switch power sources in the event of a failure. The inverter is capable of running the fuel management system for 24 hours. Each tank is configured so it can operate independently or with the power and communications daisy chained together.

Automatic tank gauging was installed, which is relayed via a cellular data connection to a website for off site monitoring of fuel levels.This allows the stakeholders to maintain site operating capability and efficient logistic support of the site operations as they change.

We have been congratulated by all stakeholders how well the facility has met their individual needs and the ease of operation.