They say prevention is the best medicine, and in this case our client required a healthy dose of preventative maintenance to keep their operations running smoothly. Our works included maintenance of a fuel transfer pipeline running from terminal to wharf, upgrades to a bund wall and repair of a compound floor which had degraded over time.

To start, we needed to gain access to approximately 200m of the fuel pipeline by removing the associated fill. Once exposed, our team of technicians cleaned the pipeline and prime painted it prior to hand application of a protective wrapping. The pipeline was then tested and backfilled.

The team then went on to upgrade approximately 270m of a terminal bund wall. First, we removed all vegetation and trimmed excess material from the existing wall. A GeoShield liner was then laid inside of the wall, and finally a concrete topping slab was laid along the top of the wall and the entire wall was sprayed with fibre reinforced concrete.

The compound floor repairs entailed grading to level then supplying and installing Geotextile fabric and ballast material on the tank compound floor. Our works spanned approximately 2,150 sqm of the floor.

As with any active site, planning was key. Repairs had to be undertaken when no fuel was being discharged from a tanker into the terminal bulk tanks. We worked closely with the Terminal Manager to ensure our works were aligned with the fuel discharge schedule and we could carry out our repairs without disrupting Terminal operations.

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