A combination of storm damage and outdated equipment was impacting the islander’s safe access to diesel for their farming, fishing and tourism industries. Challenged with isolation and extreme weather, we needed to create robust infrastructure that would protect the dispensing equipment and be easy to use and maintain. 

Working from photos and site measurements we designed and manufactured a stainless steel cabinet to contain two large stainless steel hose reels and a dispenser. We recommended a mechanical dispenser rather than electronic to reduce ongoing maintenance issues. We also sourced appropriate double contained pipe work and associated fittings.

Everything was packaged onto a pallet, air freighted and shipped to the site prior to our attendance, where we worked alongside a national construction company to complete the installation.

Due to the remote location, design challenges and client expectations we needed to ensure our recommendations, pre-site works, planning and on-site installation was absolutely spot on. The project was completed on time and within budget, and we’re pleased to report that no issues have arisen with the facility since commissioning.


Pitt Island/Rangiauria


One week on site

Project team

Mechanical and design team