We hold an 'A' grade rating under ISNetworld - a  contractor HES management system.

We recognise our responsibilities and the importance of providing a healthy and safe workplace along with protecting the environment. We are committed to working in partnership and maintaining relationships with our customers, regulatory authorities, suppliers, contractors and any other related third parties.

The management of Petrotec subscribes to the following principles:

• Ensuring all employees take all practicable steps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by eliminating, isolating, or minimising hazards that may cause personal injury, occupational illness or property damage

• Ensuring all activities comply with legislation, codes of practice and industry standards and establish safe systems of work

• Requiring all supervisors, managers, and contractors to be accountable for the health and safety performance within their work area

• Requiring a commitment to the accurate reporting, recording and investigation of all accidents, incidents, injuries and near misses

• Consulting with and encouraging the full participation of all employees in all aspects of implementing and continuously improving our health and safety system and performance

• Pursuing an active rehabilitation program to support the safe and early return to work of any injured employees

• Take account of the pressures on our environment and work with our staff, contractors and customers to develop our work processes that will help manage and preserve our natural resources

• All staff, managers and contractors are accountable for dealing with hazardous contaminates in compliance with the territorial authority regulations