Logitank manufactures a range of self bunded above ground fuel tanks.

The tanks are self-bunded, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and versatile. They are relatively low cost and simple to install and maintain, while offering you the benefits of shipping container logistics.

Logitank diesel/DEF tanks are plated and approved for rail, road and sea transport. Footprints conform to standard ISO container lock pin dimensions for effective freighting and simplified on-site foundation requirements.

All Logitank diesel/DEF tanks are manufactured in dedicated factories which are owned and operated by Logitank. This ensures total control over the manufacturing and production process ensuring complete quality assurance and accountability.

Logitank diesel/DEF tanks are suitable for a wide range of fuel storage uses including mining and quarry sites, transport yards, contracting sites and as a fuel supply for generators and industrial plants. They are also ideal for tank farms and unmanned diesel facilities.


  • HSW (Haz. Sub.) Reg. 2017
  • AS1692:2006
  • AS1940:2004

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