Above Ground Tanks - Logitank

Logitank manufactures a range of above ground containerised diesel tanks. The tanks are self-bunded, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and versatile with low initial cost, installation and maintenance benefits combined with the flexibility of shipping containers logistics.

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Diesel Tanks - 10,000 to 100,000 Litres

The Logitank diesel tank range of self-bunded, above ground, transportable diesel/DEF tanks have been designed to maximise storage volume whilst minimising the tank footprint.
Logitank diesel/DEF tanks are plated and approved for rail, road and sea transport. Footprints conform to standard ISO container lock pin dimensions. This enables cost effective freight movements as well as simplified on-site foundation requirements.

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Diesel Tank Accessories

The Logitank range of storage tanks has a number of accessories available that will provide additional benefits to your fuel installation or facility.

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Tank Installation and Fit Out

Our experienced mechanical services team are able to fit out your Logitank to meet your exact requirements.

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