Banlaw is an Australian company with more than 35 years experience specialising in the research, development, design and manufacture of high quality fluid transfer products, systems and services.

Banlaw produces a range of high flow nozzles, receivers and vents for fast fill refuelling, fuel management systems and overfill protection plus couplings for the safe delivery of oils and coolants specifically for the mining, ports (container handling), rail and transport industries.

In each of these industries, fuel is a key component in the operation. Having complete control of the delivery, despatch, cleanliness and usage of all fuel gives clients unparalleled control of their environmental risks.

No matter how harsh or remote the operating environment, Banlaw's systems mean that vehicles such as locomotives, haul trucks, excavators, bulldozers, heavy trucks, buses, container cranes can be safely fast filled and individual vehicle usage can be monitored. At the same time, the system can also help to eliminate fuel theft, cut machinery down time and provides a safer, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable work place.

All systems are built using the world renowned Banlaw nozzles, couplings and vents which are manufactured to exacting tolerances in their own factory. Banlaw components are robust, purpose designed and the result of many years of testing and refining. They are designed to be repaired as required, rather than replaced, ensuring on-going savings.

Their products are ergonomically designed to always be easy to handle, easy to use and virtually fool-proof.


Banlaw FuelTrack TM Fuel Management System

Can you account for all of your fuel and fluid use?
Be in control and save money with Banlaw FuelTrack™.

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Banlaw Fill Safe

The Banlaw Fillsafe™ overfill protection system provides zero overfill, zero tank pressure and zero spillage during refuelling in many applications.
Banlaw Fillsafe™ is available in a number of configurations, that enables refuelling to take place without tank pressurising, irrespective of the required flow rates. Rates of 1000 litres/min can be achieved with no increase in tank pressure.

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Lube Central

Are your Oil & Coolant service times slow and forcing dirt into your valuable machinery fluids?
Banlaw’s LubeCentral™ Flush Face and Classic Range of Hi-Flow Oil & Coolant fittings may solve these common problems.

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Lube Central Flush Face Couplings

Banlaw's newest range of couplings, the Flush Face series makes it simpler to ensure zero contamination from site related dirt and cross contamination. The Flush Face coupling is designed to enable the operator to wipe the coupling face clean before engaging in the transfer hose. No exposed recesses means that only clean oil, grease or other fluid is transferred from the service unit to machine.

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Banlaw Classic Range of Oil, Grease and Coolant Couplings

Where high speed transfer rates are not suitable, or unnecessary, Banlaw's Standard couplings are the best solution.
A unique coupling is provided for each oil, grease or coolant type, eliminating the possibility of errors during fluid hangouts.

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Banlaw Service Box for Fuel, Lubes and Coolant

Banlaw provide a range of standard and custom service boxes that allow filling of all your lubricants and coolants in the one location. Fuel nozzles can also be included in the service box.

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High Flow Nozzles

Introducing the Next Generation High Flow Refuelling Nozzles
This new generation nozzle incorporates a number of key design upgrades to further improving fast fill performance, safety, and durability of our nozzles in the market. These upgrades include;

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Receivers and Caps

Banlaw's dry-break male fluid couplings are typically used for the refuelling of diesel fuels into vehicle & equipment fuel tanks.

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The Banlaw vent has a number of key advantages:

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Other Products

Banlaw manufactures a range of other equipment including:
Breakaway valves
Nozzle holsters
Nozzle anchors
Drive away deterrent
Filter monitoring
Contact Banlaw for further details, and keep an eye on this page as we add more information.

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Installation and Repair Service

Our experienced mechanical services team are able to install all Banlaw products and they are authorised and fully trained in the repair of Banlaw nozzles.

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