Fuelchief distributes a suite of products manufactured locally and abroad. The range of products includes a selection of stationary tanks: known as the DC Slimline Series, transportable tanks; known as the TransCubes; fuel management systems: known as the Sapphire and MCS technology; AdBlue storage and ute tanks along with a variety of custom fuelling solutions for fire-rated and aviation tanks. 

Fuelchief are the global supplier and manufacturer of the SuperVault fire rated tank (excluding USA, Europe and UK). The SuperVault is a certified SwRI 95 – 03 multi hazard approved 4-hour fire rated fuel tank. These custom configured tanks are suitable for a variety of liquids including Jet A1, petrol and Avgas. The integrity and compliance of the SuperVault makes it one of the only legally tested and certified tanks for the storage of fuel inside buildings and around boundaries. 

SuperVault Brochure 

Transportable Tank Brochure 

Stationary Tank Brochures

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Ute Tank Brochures

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AdBlue Tank Brochures

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