As part of their business development, our client was installing a new burner for their hops facility. In order to run the burner they required safe storage and supply of diesel.

We were brought in at an early stage to design and install an appropriate solution. Because the building had not yet been erected, we needed to ensure that we had gained a perfect understanding of the client’s objectives, location details and burner requirements.

With compliance top of mind, we liaised with a Test Certifier to ensure that the solution we proposed would meet HSNO requirements so that a Stationary Container Test Certificate could be successfully issued.

To power the burner safely we supplied a 12,000L Logitank that was seismically restrained to an engineered tank foundation. Before being dispatched to site we fitted out the tank with a delivery pump and small power distribution board. With the prep work complete we undertook a fast and efficient installation on-site, connecting delivery and return pipes to the burner and ensuring the tank was safely secured.

With the burner only in use for a short period each year, we perform a regular preventative maintenance check before it comes back into service. This ensures that the system is fully operational for the busy harvest and processing season.