Our design team quickly developed an effective solution – a standalone storage facility using a 30,000L Logitank with a 20’ container footprint.

Because the tank would need to move as the rebuild works progressed, we needed to ensure it was easily transportable. We created a design that meant two people could disassemble the tank top fittings and pack them away within the container’s own footprint for simple, efficient transport.

A further challenge was the lack of power at any of the sites. To overcome this, we outfitted the tank with an 8kVa generator so it could be independently powered in isolated environments.

All this was done with ultra-fast turnaround from the client’s brief through to design and build. Our solution received excellent feedback and we have since produced a number of other units which are located around New Zealand, some with a solar powered option.


Kaikoura and New Zealand wide

Project team

Design, mechanical and electrical